August 21, 2021 Richard Cannon

Richard Cannon | Aug 21 2021

"Great people great prices"
May 28, 2021 Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson | May 28 2021

May 12, 2021 James Bigham

James Bigham

"They have parts for almost any vehicle as long as you are patient and don't mind some walking."
April 3, 2021 Angel Negron

Angel Negron

"Massive yard with lots of good cars and parts. Wide variety of later models. Guys were friendly and helped me pull some seats after I forgot my torx bits plus they had a 12v booster as a power source to move the seat. Also drove the seats down and out to my car plus helped me load them! All for fifty bucks! I'll be back for more stuff!"
February 26, 2020 Adam Burkey

Adam Burkey

"This place has real used parts for great prices. You can pick them right off the car yourself with all the clips and doodads that you can't get from the other salvage yards that won't let you access the cars. For example, today I got a bumper, grill, clips, headlight, support beam, etc, for $80. It would cost me over $400 from LKQ and not include clips and other essentials. The staff at Miller's know where everything is and took me in their truck right to the 3 Honda Odysseys and even helped me dismantle the parts I needed and drove me and the parts to my van. Then I paid. They accept credit cards. You can find more and better parts here at a better price than anywhere else. A++"